Fluid is a collaboration of shaper and designer.

Two life-long surfers join forces to bring you the Fluid experience... surfboards made just for you and quality clothing in our gear shop. With over 75 years combined experience in the surfing world, we love what we do, and look forward to providing you with a great hand-crafted product and excellent service.

Jim Dunlop

Jim started surfing in 1966 at Barbers Point, Oahu... later relocating to the east coast as the "shortboard revolution" was in full swing. As a kid, he stripped old boards and re-shaped them in Virginia Beach during the early '70s and was hooked, and been building boards ever since.

At his Jacksonville Beach factory, Jim does all the colorwork, laminating, sanding, and finish work himself in-house. Low quantity—high quality, with a craftsman's attention to detail.

One size doesn't fit all... Jim handcrafts each surfboard to fit your specific requirements. No two surfers surf the same or demand the same thing from their equipment.

As you can see, he rides everything. Some extreme, some mainstream. This exploration is essential to expand his base of knowledge and allows him to shape your personal vision of whats right for you.

Jamie Borders

A second-generation surfer, Jamie had humble beginnings in the surf world, getting his flippers wet sponging the fickle windswells of south florida and taking trips "upcoast" with his father in search of better surf. Two trips to Hawaii in high school firmly entrenched the travel bug. Since then Jamie's been all over the place, testing out Fluid boards in the waters of Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, California, Hawaii, Timor, Sumatra, Bali, and more.

After getting a graphic design degree in St. Augustine in 1993, Jamie's been based in Jacksonville Beach designing, surfing, and travelling. He also founded and ran the popular website fluidgroove.net from 2000-2009.

Jamie collaborates with Jim on board designs, and works directly with customers to help them dial-in their equipment. He also designs all visual aspects of the company including logos, clothing, web design and coding.